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Our Services

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Exhibition Design & Development Services

  • Project management and exhibition organization

  • Feasibility studies and master planning

  • Concept and content development

  • Curatorial, scientific and historical research

  • Market research, testing and evaluation

  • Management of bidding process and contracting

  • Contract coordination: license, lender, and development agreements, etc

  • Design, fabrication and production management

  • Financial modeling and forecasting

  • Exhibition consumer marketing campaign development

Exhibition Management services

  • Traveling exhibition planning and strategy

  • Conversion of temporary or permanent exhibitions into traveling exhibitions

  • Tour oversight and project management

  • Domestic and international logistics

  • Customs coordination: import/export, CITES permits, commercial invoices, immunity from seizure, etc.

  • Registrarial services: loan coordination, condition reporting, and packing/crating

  • Installation/de-installation services management 

  • Ongoing maintenance and technical support management 

  • Exhibition remediation and enhancements management 

  • Insurance coordination and indemnity applications management 

  • Onsite operations, staffing, retail strategy and programs

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